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Dragonfly Dream (Alice Kitselman)


Opera presentata al progetto Tarocchi Anno 2006
Dragonfly Dream (Alice Kitselman)
Bibliography-just who is this Dragonfly Dream gal anyway?


Oh, by the way, I'm terrible at dates, years and numbers so this is all kinda just guessing at this point!
1961- Born in Muncie, Indiana, USA
1961- Adopted by New York couple and moved to NYC
1965- Portrait painted by Norman Rockwell!
1661-1980 -I was a kid just like any other kid....what more can I say...., I did lots of art, learned how to fly, and eventually to drive too.
1980- Graduated from high school, took a year off which turned into several and became an archaeology assistant at The American Indian Archaeology Insistute.
1986- moved to Martha's Vineyard, MA where I worked as a custom black and white developer for a camera shop. Got bored with that fast and worked as a first mate on a charter fishing boat. Found rubber stamps and quick became addicted and played in mail art.
1986-90- Became involved with making jewelry and tie dyed dresses and rubber stamp greeting cards, sold at the local fair. Learned how to ride a motorcycle...
Late 1980's- Moved to Boston, attended the Museum School for about a year doing monotypes, jewelry making, photography and reading tarot cards. Rode with a women's motorcycle club called The Moving Violations. Moved back to Martha's Vineyard. Opened a fine art craft gallery with a new age bent called Spirit's Rising. Ran this for a few years and gave up, my tastes were too good and folks wanted plastic seagulls and t-shirts.
Early 1990's- Renovatation blues....the project that almost never ended. Took up Akido, had a lusty affair, and then took Life Spring. My life changed big time after that....
1992- Fell in love, got married!
1993-4- Moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Got a computer, found AOL and mail art. Discovered digital art. Began making artistamps. Defined mysef as Dragonfly Dream. Started doing mail art calls. My first one was Life and Love on A Shoestring.
1995- Now I'm into mail art big time and having fun. Next mail art call, The Goddess is Alive and Magic is Afoot.(now over)
1996-1998- Worked for a few years at a local rubber stamp shop and went nuts making postcards. Sent a huge piece of mail art to Mark Bloch's show in NYC, attended and met a bunch of neat mail artists. Was a member of The Santa Fe Contemporary Art Gallery. Had my first showing of my monotypes and even sold a few! Designed the new brochure for the gallery which sadly folded about a year later. Met mail art fellow John Held, jr. Entered The Site Fights and won the championship. Joined The Site Fights as a spirit fairy and created DRealm Of The Fairies in which I was the boss fairy and leader, otherwise know as DFairy.
1998- Was interviewed by the local newspaper for my mail art activities. Sun Post artistamps featured in the article. Started my own version of Fluxus Bucks called Winged Money. Mail art contacts expanding.... Got interested in Koi and started The Santa Fe Pond Society & Koi Appreciation Club(now defunct)
1999- 2000- My art is mostly now digital and the occasional monotype printing session. But I have found the Gocco printer and this is quite fun and easy and fast. Had my portrait carved by mail artist Tim Mancusi. Issued mail art calls such as Message in a Bottle, Don't Be coy, be Nishikigoi and Cyberstamp. Had a fake mail art call issued in my name.... Had the privilege to go to Ohio and see the Ray Johnson show and partake in a mail art congress. Met a number of the giants in mail art of which now I can almost call myself one. Had my portrait done as an artistamps by buZ blurr!
2000 Cancer on the pink ribbon to read my story
2001 I founded Dragonfly's Delights a non profit dedicated to the creation and distribution of free gift baskets to the recently diagnosed with breast cancer in Northern New Mexico.
2002 Divorced my husband of over 10 years
2003 Moving and shaking with Dragonfly's Delights.
2004 Closed Dragonfly's Delights due to lack of funding
2006 whatsthebuz
Indirizzo: 70 Vuelta Maria, Santa F, 87506 U.S.A.
Leggo con grande stupore in un'archivio di indirizzi dei mailartist che Alice morta gi nel 2014. Sapevo che era scampata al evidentemente non cos....o forse ci mentiva spudoratamente! E' molto triste non sapere di una dipartita di un'artista conosciuta ed apprezzata in tutto il mondo Mail Art Art. Soprattutto non vedere pubblicato neppure un necrologio sul web ci fa capire che anche noi potremo essere dimenticati un giorno... ma le nostre opere, come quelle di Alice del resto, ci renderanno immortali. Ciao Alice rimarrai sempre nei nostri cuori! Arrivederci!
Claudio Grandinetti

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