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Luc Fierens


Luc Fierens
Collage Anno 2003
Luc Fierens Born: Mechelen (B), 1961
He publishes his first poems in 1982 and edits his first creative magazine "Parallel" which became quickly a forum for alternative poetry and art, also when Luc discovers the MAIL-ARTNetwork.
Since 1984, he is one of the most active Belgian mail-artists / visual poets.
Since 1993, he works together with his wife & muse Annina Van Sebroeck.
But he works in different media: collage, visual poetry, Artists'books, rubberstamps, artistamps, object poem installation, sculpture, super 8, performance etc...
He also organized several Mail-artprojects: one of them : "Homage to Fluxus" has been accepted by the Sonia Henie Museum in Hovikodden (Oslo), Norway.
About his works:
most of them are collages & visual poems and sometimes he adds on material from other artists and prints this material as the "POSTFLUXPOSTBOOKLETS ".
Till now 56 issues have been published. The complete séries of Postfluxpostbooklets has been accepted by major archives (R.&M.Saekner Archive - Miami , Schwitters Archiv -Hannover libraries (MoMa Library Rare Bookscoll.University of Buffalo) museums (Musée Royal de Mariemont) and private collections.
Luc Fierens: short biography:
Solo-Exhibitions (artist' publications, mail-artprojects)
1996 -Postfluxpostbooklets-E-Maii-artarchives, Centrum voor Kunsten Begijnhof, Hasselt (B)
1997 -Living Room Show, Stamp Art Gallery, San Francisco ( U.S.A.)
1999 -Postfluxpostbooklets - Barraca Vorticista, Buenos Aires (Arg)
1999 - "Social art" - galerij vos, Aalst (B)
2002 - "Visual Poetry" - galerij vos - Aalst (B)
2004 - Galerie Les Contemporains - lxelles (B)
Group Exhibitions (mail-art etc . a selection)
1984 Inter Dada Mail-artfestival, San Francisco (USA)
1987 Int.Artists'Book Exh.-Szent Istvan Kiraly Muzeum-Székesfehérvar (H)
1991 donation of the 'Hornage to Fluxus'Mail-arteoli. to tbc SoniaHenieMuscum in Oslo (NO)
1992 donation-exíiibition ' Venice/Baííet'Mail-artcoll. Museum van Eysk (Rus)
1993 Timbres d'artistes, Musée de la Poste, Paris (F)
1994 Medium 3, Trench Art Festival (inel.performance)- SF.Gheorghe (Romania)
1997 Faydherbe anders bekeken -Sted. Mus.Hof VanBusleyden (Mechelen) B
1998 The Art of the Artist's Book, Oaxaca (Mexieo) lecture about E-mail-art -"In het net verstrikc", KULAK University-Kortrijk (B)
1999 A Point of view. Visual poetry-the 90's, An Anthology, edited by D.Bulatov, Kaliningrad (Russia) 1998 with accomp. travelling expo in Russia, Hungary... Target- street performance - Gallery eyevandy - Mechelen (B)
2000 World Wild Flags - curators Lino Polegato & Daniël Dutrieux- Liège (B) "The Art is in the Mail(ing) -Wexner Center Columbus (OH) (USA) Exp. Intenat. Poesia Visual - Centre de Arte Moderno Quilmes -Bs. Aires (Arg.)
2001 "Dance of life" Maii-artworkshops for children (org. Queen Paola Foundat. & Foyer)(B) "Kunstgaleries in Aalst van '68 tot vandaag" - Sted. Museum Oud Hospitaal, Aalst (B) "extramuros" (object poem installation) C.C. Strombeek-Bever -Brussels (B)
2002 "Reactions " - Exit Art - New York - NYC (USA) "Cornucopiae" - De Garage, Ruimte voor Actuele Kunst - Mechelen (B) Free Manifesta - Frankfurter Kunstverein (Frankfurt) (D)
2003 salon de lecture utopiques - Cneai (Chatou) (F)
I will participate in the Minipressen in Mainz: end may small pressfestival where we hope to sell some cat., postfluxpostbooklets: ..,and G.Di Mauro & E.Morandi asked me to participate in a performancefestival in Venezia,Italy. A project in collaboration with the VeniceBiennal.
Address: Galgenberg 18 B 1982 Weerde Belgium
Web site:
Artisti in Cornice Progetto "Artisti in Cornice"
Archivio - P.C.A. Mail-Artcollection Exists from 1982 till now"

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