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Ogawa Kazuko


Blowing wind. Danceing flower. Acrilico formato A4 Anno 2005
 Ogawa Kazuko
1962 Kazuko is born to Tokyo.
1969 It carries in the Machida poetical works. The beginning of activity of ART.
1975 Belong to the fine-art club. Exchange of poetry with my friends.
1980 Reading book report winning a prize in highschool.
1990 Contributed my works for poetic literary magazine "hatoyo ".Winning a contest.It remains in the final selection. It is about 1.000 contributors. 37 times participation.4 section (souku,haiku,tanka and poetry) .
1991 Contributed my works for Kodansha Famous schools. It remains in the final selection. It is about 3.500 contributors.Winning a contest.
1993 Graduation from Kodansha Famous schools.
1994 My work is carried by the book of Tanka"gekko no kai" Participated in Shozo Shimamoto's mail art.
1995 Became a menber of AU.Winning aword in the contest of AU at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.
1998 In Kobe. It participates in the heart exhibition of a plan of NHK.
1999 Mail Art "Millenium2000" in roma
2001 Performance was considered as Le peinter Nato in Paris.
2002 Mail Art has participated in the mail art in the world every year. There is a plan of a private exhibitions in Japan.
2003 It is also carried by etc the homepage of Italy now. MailArt has participated in the mail art in the world every year.
2004 I am doing activity of an art by domestic and outside the country now. I created the poster. It is participating in the mail art in the world. Participated in London biennale2004"Gallary 32" Participated in Lido di Venezia,and Satu-Mare Romania.
2005 Participated in New york.
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