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Lynn Jr. Palmiter


I was born in 1942 in Brooklyn, NY, USA.
At an early age my family moved tram the city to a small farm country town in upstate New York.
To the dismay of parents who had grown to adulthood during the great depression, I displayed great interest in drawing. In their eyes, artists starved, workers of any sort
did not.
At schooll favored art classes, to the detriment of other subjects. Skip ahead to post adolescence and the Army: I spent the rare spara time iIIustrating issues of the unit's
newsletter and penciling portraits tram blurry photographs far homesick troopers. Not much money but some acclaim.
After the Army an unsettled period of aimless wondering about the country. Then, marriage, jobs. College: drawing, sculpture, photography at the State University of New York. Burn out. More job, responsibility, and some art. Eventuallya position as a technical iIIustrator. Not what one could cali art but lots of drawings being published in scientific journals and papers around the world.
Back to the grind at Vermont College far a BA degree in Psychology and Writing. Moved to the West coast. Again, job, responsibility, a bit more art. Some sales at local galleries in Everett, Washington. A couple of small shows with my partner, wife, love of my life.
1996: My wife finds mail art Network and drags me by the ear to drawing board. I discover that I am trae to do whatever moves me. No pressure to perform, just have fun sending out my artistic tinkerings and receiving art from people around the world.
Have been at it eversince.
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