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Ruggero Maggi




Minden - April 2004
Mail art auctions & other crazy things
I have always thought Mail Art as a fantastic medium of creative communication, free from any
mercantilist scheme:acquisition, sale, selection, ... .
I have spent almost 30 years of my life in this apparent illusion.
Today some "network guru" ara pontificating on Mail Art trying to trace new, delirious ways
partecipating to art biennials selecting artists, asking money, promoting auction sales citing the
... mayorage of the network... ali in name of MailArt!
Luckily Mail Art trascends their raving statements.
The problem is always the same: it's necessary to recognize the real Mail Art from the false one
And to remember the old citation by Lon Spiegelmann: "Don't mix money and Mail Art" (better it
would be: "Don't mix ever money and Mail Art") and my "Mail Art uses institutions in the places
of institutions against institutions".
l'm inviting all you to send by e-mail art or on paper to the organizers of eventual, future Mail Art
auctions some sincere, genuine, unadulterated Mail Art virus wich contaminate and spread,
by the own networking creative imagination, real germs of salutary madness!
Ruggero Maggi


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