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Keiichi Nakamura

E’ nato a Okazaki, Giappone nel 1960.
Opera nel settore della Mail Art prediligendo il francobollo d’artista, i libri oggetto ed i libri d’artista, ed i lavori in collaborazione. Ma lavora anche nella Pittura, nel Collage, nella Poesia Visiva, Tanka /Haiku/Renga.
1978/1982 - Pubblica Tanka zine “SETSU”
1982 - Mostra personale di incisioni monotipo a Sapporo.
1983 - Inizia a fare collage
1994 - Entra nel network internazionale della Mail Art
1995 - Progetto internazionale di mail art  “OPEN EYE”
1995 1996 - “AU Exhibiton”  al Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
1996/97- Progetto Mail Art  “I AM HERE.”
1997/2000 - Progetto  Mail Art  “WITH YOU”
1997/1999 - “ Visual Poesy of Japan”  mostra itinerante in Germania
1999 - “ Visual Poetry of German and Japan” nella città di Kitakami, Giappone
2000 - “ Visual Poetry 2000 in Sapporo”  a Sapporo
          “ Book & Box exhibition” a Tokyo 
2001 - “ Visual Poetica 2001 in Sapporo”  a Sapporo
          Ri Ki Ki”  mostra a Tokyo
2001 - “ Visual Poetry 2002 in Sapporo+”  a Sapporo
          “Biennale de Poesie Visuelle France-Japon” alla Galleria Oculus  a Tokyo
2001 -  “ Ri Ki Ki 2” mostra a Tokyo
           “5th Japanese Visual Poetry”  mostra  a Parigi,  Francia
           “Book & Box 2” mostra a Tokyo
           “TANX” mostra (  in collaborazione con Hiroko Shikama) a Tokyo
2004 -  “ Visual Poetry Biennial International 2004” a Tokyo


“OPEN EYE” antologia di mail arts (1995)
“Triangle Colllage” in collaborazione  con Barry Edgar Pilcher e Bruno Sourdin (1995)
“CERRY JAM” in  collaborazione con Mary Beach e Claud Pelieu(1995)
“I am here” mail art’s book (1996)
“Inishfree Blues and Tokyo Babe” Renga Poem con Barry Edgar Pilcher (1997)
“FIREFLIES in the MILKYWAY” Renga Poem con Svjetlana Mimica (1999)
“CRISTAL WORDS”  poesia visiva in collaborazione con Theo Breuer (2000)
“DIAMOND POESY”  poesia visiva in collaborazione con Julien Blaine (2000)
“Hai-Kai, un cahier D’ecolier”  poesia visiva in collaborazione con Pierre Garnier (2000)
he Tropic of Cancer” poesia visiva in collaborazione con  Rea Nikonova (2001)
“Hybrids” poesia visiva in collaborazione con  Pierre Garnier (2001)
“Poemes du Mont Fuji” poesia visiva in collaborazione con Pierre Garnier (2001)
“Puddle of rain” collaborazione con John Solt (2002)
“Image of Luna” 15 incisioni di  Keiichi Nakamura (2003)

(testo italiano e sintesi di Tiziana Baracchi, da materiale fornito direttamente dall’artista)

Collaborative mail art

Keiichi Nakamura

In the present age, one of characteristic things is “uniformity (homogeneity)”. For example, we can drink Coca-cola and look for the Logotype of MacDonald wherever in the world. In addition to such physical uniformity, informational uniformity is also progressing now-a-days. It is accelerated with rapid spread of internet (with Broadcloth band technology). It is not bad for the convenience of our daily life, but we must recognize the one thing in such uniform age. It is “tradition”. Tradition is the original things of each culture and race. Tradition is different from other cultures. Such unique things are survive in the tradition since long time ago. In such uniform age, I think tradition will be thought better by many people in the world, because we will discover that the difference in tradition is precious.

We know that the encounter and meet of foreign and different cultures produce a new and worth culture and things. So, we know many such examples.  For example, Pablo Picasso changed his style after he met the unique sculpture of Africa.  I think he discovered his original style in the interface of African culture and European culture.

The present age has two faces, one is uniformity and another is variety. We have various feelings and thoughts although in the uniform world. I am very interested in the differences of each culture. I met the book written by Shozo Shimamoto at the spring of 1994, and I discovered “mail art”. I am very impressed by the world of mail art and joined the network of mail art. I think the appeal of mail art is in the meeting of different feelings. Mail art is in the feeling to discover the difference of other artists and culture and respect them. When I started to send mail art, I was enjoying many things in my mail box. But I wanted to create new value in the interface of different culture. So, I started to make collaborative collage works. When I am making a collaborative work, I find the collaborator’s space in my work. In other words, I will make my work like “under construction”.

I think that the world is wealthy because our world has many different thoughts. We must love each other’s difference. There aren’t new cultural creations in this century if we don’t have a calmness to love different race and culture. I will be continuing to make collaborations because I love many different feelings.

Indirizzo : 1-18-7-402 Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161-0034 JAPAN
Tel-Fax: + 81-3-5996-8138 

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