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Clemente Padín


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No to the war against Iraq
No to the war against Iraq

The anguish and the impotence are seized upon me again. I can not leave the opportunity to express my deep worry concerning to the unfolding of men and armaments carried out in USA and Great Britain in order to attack Iraq. It also makes sad the loss of answer of the remainder of the other Western countries (although some of them timidly oppose to the possibility of war) by stopping this brutal aggression that has been preparing, day by day, like a great media show what will become worse, no doubt, the pain and the necessity of people from Iraq, who are already enough hit by the blockade and the use of atomic weapons in the previous conflict (uranium of low tenor in the missiles).

I believe that it is absolutely unacceptable that in the new millennium the most civilized and richest countries of the world wanted to solve their differences against the poorest countries appealing to the violence and to the war, omitting the Foundation Letter of the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Besides, it is intolerable for any sensibility that the USA give to themselves the right of exercising "preventive attacks," against any country, when and where they thinks it is necessary. Better say, attacks against any countries, if not against those which cannot defend themselves.Since it results evident that the USA will never attack France or Japan based on so trivial arguments.

The excuse of that Iraq possesses armament of massive destruction (that nobody could not have confirmed) is not signifcant, for there are other countries which possess it, no doubts, and they have not received any pression, as, for example, USA, Russia, North Korea, France, Great Britain, Pakistan or India. On the other hand, USA count on political and diplomatic mechanisms to solve the international problems without using any tank.

I am conscious that great intellectual groups throughout the world must be mobilized and have to make the possible to stop this criminal madness. But, also, I am conscious of the lacking of answer of networking, of the mail - artists net, or our collective group of creators at distance (some individual intents confirm what I have said). Parodyng Epicuro: what is mail art for, if no to the service of men?

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