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Qais Issa Goga (Qais Al-Sindy)

The Missing Notes Acrilico su carta cm 16 x 21 Anno 2006
Qais Issa Goga (Qais Al-Sindy)
Qais Al-Sindy was born in Baghdad 1967, lives and works between Baghdad/Iraq and Amman / Jordan.
2006 Faculty member at the college of engineering- Architectural Dep. / Applied Science University-Private/Amman-Jordan, teaching (Free hand drawing and painting).
2004  Curator and Professional Artist in Orfali Gallery in  Amman/ Jordan.
2003  Worked as a Curator in Hiwar Art Gallery in Waziyriah/ Baghdad. Responsible of the researching and documenting of art works and many other tasks.
2002  Faculty member at the college of Fine Arts; Paintings Department; University of Baghdad. Teaching many basic lessons (Composition, painting, perspective, drawing, Elements of Artů.)
2004  MFA-Master Degree in Fine Arts-, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad university / Baghdad
2002  Diploma in French language / Cultural French Center / Baghdad.
2000  BA, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad University / Baghdad
1989  B.Sc, college of Engineering, Baghdad University.
Selective Group Exhibitions
2005  - Demonstration of Jordanian and Iraqi artist- Angry Mural
           Painting-National Museum of Jordan- Lwaibda- Amman-Jordan.
         - Symposium of Plastic Art-Ahden- North of Lebanon.
2004  - Iraqi Performance- Protest the scandal in Abu-Ghareeb prison-
           Hiwar Gallery-Wazyrya-Baghdad- Iraq.
          - Collective Exhibition (Salute to Iraq) Orfali Gallery-Amman- Iraq.
2000   Selective Collection of Iraqi Art, Zamann Gallery / Beirut- Lebanon.
1999   Mesopotamia, Cradle of Innovation, Land of Civilization, Los Anglos, CA-USA.
1998   Melodies from Iraq, Contemporary Artists, Detroit, MI., USA.   

1997   Iraqi Contemporary Art- Berlin / Germany.
1996   Iraqi eyes- Dimension Art Gallery- Detroit, Michigan- USA.

Other Collective Exhibitions in:  Iraq, Swiss, Holland, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, and other countries.

Public Space Projects
2001   Commissioned  murals paintings in the Academy of Fine Arts/ Baghdad.
2001   Large painting in Paris; hosted by the Ministry of foreign affairs- Parisand peace-.
2004   Commissioned mural (4*7m) for the French Embassy of Baghdad.
Ability in English
Fluent in Speaking, Reading and Writing.
Computer Skills: Adobe Photoshop. Windows XP, Power point, Microsoft office word.

Professional Memberships
Iraqi Artist association
Iraqi plastic Artists society
Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques. (AIAP) -UNESCO
Indirizzo: P.O.BOX: 850762 / Sweifeiah Amman 11185 - JORDAN
Tel: +962 79 5617 977

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