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Ibrahim Suzlee



Ibrahim Suzlee
Artist Statement:
In 1993, I first lectured in MARA University of Technology, at the Faculty of Art and Design (Foundation Course), with emphasis on the topic of Element and Principle of Design. Within the duration as a lecturer, I managed to do some research in my spare time to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding about the topic mentioned above. I discovered that MOVEMENT was not only interesting, but is also an essential element in any artwork. After 2 years of research, in 1995, I finally developed the MOVEMENT SERIES, and it is continuously perfected to date. From my point of view, Movement is Life, every living thing moves.
-Membership of the friends of Bankside Gallery, London, UK (Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers); 2000/01
-Membership of the friends of The City Gallery, Leicester, UK; 2000/01
Indirizzo: Lecturer Faculty of Art and Design MARA University of Technology  40450 Shah Alam Malaysia
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