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Aristotelis Triantis


"Senza titolo" Collage e pittura cm 12 x 16,5 Anno 2007
Born in 1974 in town Kardittsa in Greece. His  first studies was in Art & Desigh in private school. His special meeting  with the writter and one of the first ''Mail Artist'' in Greece Vlasi Rassia who had ben the publisher of the ''Mail Art'' magazine "C'  EST DEMAIN." and curator of the first international mail art exhibition in Greece and with his egging on become, from 2005, an active memper at ''Mail Art''movement.
 Has taken part in several exhibitions in mail art so far as in BOOK ART ( UNESCO, Artetica Gallery Rome) in Italy.
Also he cooperate in a digital project  with the  painter and mail artist Thomai Kontou and the team ''ikonoplastes'' at February 2007 in her proposal for the city of Elassona due UNESCO programme in cooperate with the Sharjah Biennial 8 of United Arab Emirates "
Μy City - Scenes and Sounds of My City".
In 2007 he  participate to artistic commision ( curator Thomai Kontou ) in the 1st International Mail Art Biennale 2007 at the city of Larissa in Grecce.
Lately, the March 2008 his made the first solo exhibition at the ''Action Art Gallery''
( UNESCO ) in Piraeus Greece, and curated with Vlassis Rassias of a mail art project called    SACREDNESS OF THE WILDLIFE.


Indirizzo: Karaiskaki 127 Karditsa 43100 Grecia


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