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Marian Trutulescu


"Ta(Ro)t " Acquerello cm 10 x 15 Project Tarot Anno 2007
Marian Trutulescu
Marian Trutulescu born in Faget - Timis County-on June 15, 1977, he graduated from the Faculty of Design (Decorative Arts),within "Tibiscus" University from Timisoara, licenced at West University of Timisoara, the Faculty of  Fine Arts. At present, he is a teacher at Fine Arts High School from Resita town. Permanent member of the Fine Artists Union of Romania.


One-man exhibitions:
1999 - Easel graphic exhibition  at Gallery “Acces " from Timisoara, 2000 - Easel graphic exhibition  at Cultural Center " Augusta " from Faget; 2001 - Easel graphic exhibition  at Gallery "Agora " from Resita; 2002 - Watercolours exhibition  at Gallery Cultural " Augusta " from Faget; Easel graphic exhibition  at Gallery "Agora " from Resita; 2003 - Easel graphic exhibition  at Gallery "Emil Campeanu" from Oravita;  2004 - Easel graphic exhibition at Hotel "Semenic " from Resita; 2005 - Easel graphic exhibition  at Hotel "Semenic " from Resita; 2006 - Easel graphic exhibition  at Hotel "Semenic " from Resita;
Group exhibitions:
2000 - Autumn art exhibition at Resita, 2001 - Resita, Gallery "Agora "; 2002 - Resita, Gallery "Agora " ; 2003 - Resita, Gallery "Agora "; "Project of visual art" Interart Triade Establishment from Timisoara; Resita, Gallery "Liceum" ; 2004 - Resita, Gallery "Agora "; Alba Iulia, Library "Cathedral of Reinstate people";
Novi-Sad, Voivodina Museum; Resita, Cultural House; Oravita,Theatre "Mihai Eminescu"; 2005 - Resita, Gallery "Agora ", 2006-  Bucharest, Palace of Parlament, Gallery “Brancusi”, Resita, Gallery "Agora ", Bucharest, Palace of Parlament, Gallery “Brancusi”, National Art Exhibition;
Art Exhibition Rooms:
2000  - Autumn  Art Exhibition , Gallery "Agora ", Reşiţa;  2006 - National Art Exhibition, Bucharest, Palace of Parlament
Biennial exhibition:
2006- Intercontinental Biennial  exhibition of small graphics  from Aiud–Romania; 2007- International Biennal of Humour and Satire in the Arts - Gabrovo, Bulgaria;


Other  participations:
2007- Germany, International Don Quichotte” Cartoon Contest; China, The First International China Olympic Cartoon Competition; Poland, “Jaka bede” International Competition; Iran, The First International Productivity Cartoon Competition; Italy, “Umoristi a Marostica”; Montenegro, International Cartoon Contest “Kolasin”; Italy, International Competition Fax for peace, fax for tolerance”.
Camps of creation:
2002; 2003; 2004 –Fine Artists Union of Romania, International camp of creation from  Oravita; Camp of creation from Crivaia- Valiug; 2005;2006 - Fine Artists Union of Romania International camp of creation from  Pojejena - Moldova Noua;


Documentation travels:
2006- Italy(Florence, Venice, Pisa) ;
Works of monumental art: fresco-mosaic at the church in Rusca Teregova, which has its name after the Ascension Day.
Works in private and public collections from Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Norway, Canada, United States of America and Romania.
Indirizzo: Str. Fantanilor BL. 3, Sc. 2, Ap.12  320060 Resita Romania
Tel.:  0040/0740/049296


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