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Joseph Anthony Uphoff Jr.



Quatto opere surrealiste formato cm 14 x 21,5 del 2004
Uphoff Joseph Anthony Jr.
Dr. Uphoff is a Surrealist Artist who was born in Colorado Springs. 15/03/1950. Among his many distinctions, he has been recognized and/or awarded the following: Degree, Master of Printing Arts, for merit as author, designer and publisher of high quality publications, The Real Art Patronage of Press Appeal, Berlin, Germany, 2002; Knight of the Year, International Writers and Artists Association, 1995; 9 Editor's Choice Awards including American Poetry Association and International Library of Poetry; Recognition Award, Famous Poets Society, 1995, 1998, and 2000; International Non-Euclidean Society, and World's Supreme and Most Eminent Rep. of Mathematical Surrealism for accomplishments as Editor in Chief, Journal of Regional Criticism and Director, Arjuna Library Press, 2001. Dr. Uphoff is listed in the International Biographical Centre's publication, Who's Who in the 21st Century - Second Edition. He is a member of the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, the Acedemy of American Poets, a life member of the World Academy of Arts and Culture, a Distinguished Life Member of the International Society of Poets, a Distinguished Life member of the International Society of Photographers, a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association, Member of the National Geographic Society, and a Life Member of the Colorado Springs Art Guild.
Indirizzo: 1025 Garner St. D Space 18  Colorado Springs CO 80905 - 1774 U.S.A.

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