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Z. Elisabeth J. Zois


Z. Elisabeth J. Zois
Began photography. Interested in many things, always.
1963 1966
Oakland University, Rochester MI. Founding member of student MeadowBrook Theatre.Guild. Art on correspondence: learnedfrom actor friend serving in Vietnam. For us, no nome far it there and then. Museum-Art Happenings with SDS acting up against the War in Vietnam.
1967 1968
Got sick, got well. Moved from bad environment to NYC. Mail Art.
1969 1970
Woodstock Music Festival. Got sick, got well. Studied Ceramics, photography.
White Plains NY Ceramic Show, pinch pots. Westchester NY Art Show, photographs.
1974 1977
Returned to school; Created neighborhood activist group, Mother On On Monday" (no ­children myself.) Art, reading, arithmeflc wlth Pre-Release,an inmate-created program at NYS Dept. Corrections at Greenhaven NY.
B.F.A. Photography, School of Visual Arts, NYC NY. Mail Art. Photographs: Meisel-­Gallery, NYC, SVA Gallery, NYC NY.
1979 1984
NYS Department of Corrections: at Downstate teaching art; Bedford Hi'IIs Women's Psychiatric Unit; Sing Sing: Art therapy with Rehab. Uni t inmates; Counselor for maximum security inmates.
M.A. Counseling and Art Therapy, Goddard, Norwich University, Monpelier VT.
Photography, drawing. Got sick, got well.
Moved to Olympic Peninsula, W A . Got sick. Passed W A State Counselor- Therapist Licensing exam. Created ACA art
therapy group, 2 years. 
1988 1992
(Independent) Counseling, Art therapy and Pet therapy far nursing home elders. Created 2 special Programs: Tea & Remembrance and Drawing with elders and children. Became more sick. Married. Got well.
1993 1999
Group and solo shows Everett WA: Snohomish County Gallery, Colby Street Gallery; Seattle WA: Phinney Ridge Art Center-Photographs, paintings on furniture including Frog w/glow-in-the-dark-eyes and cat w/the-gold-whiskers, garden design, drawings, small sculpture. TaughtIntuitive Art to therapists. Rediscovered Mail Art. (Pondidia, 4th Str. Post).
Returned to upstate New York. Neighborhood activist. Pondidia joins Lynn, Jr. of Arnoldia as A. P. International for more Mail Art. Continue photography, painting and mailing art to USA, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Brazil, Argentina and all aver Tarnation.
Indirizzo: Pondidis A.P.I.  172 Str Trony NY 12180 U.S.A.  
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