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Valeria Zun Zun (Valeria Pouza)


Opere presentate al progetto Tarocchi 2006
I love hummingbirds. I am a hummingbird myself...and they are always in my mail art. ActualIy, I discovered Mail Art thanks to my friend Sophie a few months ago and I realIy loved the idea to get involved on it...
I love arts in generaI, I am graduated (Master's degree) in Hispanic philology, and am a specialist in Cuban music lyrics, and Cuban music in general... After my Master I studied Art direction, and l've been working in Cultural centers, organizing and directing theater plays, Arts exhibits and cultural events.
I love photography too, and l'm working on series, I hope l'Il do something with il, someday.
l've got French and Cuban cultures and I am a French and Spanish native speaker.
(Not a lot of Italian yet, l'm afraid...).
I am living in the United States now. (l've been living in France -of course-, Cuba, and Spain too).
I don't know if it's a good biography... I hope it wilI works!
I am working in a Mail Art project too with my friend Sophie Blachet, our mail art calI is about Immigration. Please check it at
http:/ /
you can read the detailed calI, and we publish alI the mail art we receive at this address.
I am organizing a personal mail art calI too about "COLIBRI-HUMMINGBIRDS", and the address is:
Valeria Zunzun
Miami Beach, FL 33119 USA
Perhaps you'lI be interested in participating in our projects, or you could commun:icate the calIs...
My blog http:/ / (still in construction but l'm on it!...)
Indirizzo: Valeria POUZA 1412 Euclid Ave apt 15 MIAMI BEACH, FL 33139 USA

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